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Perugia city tours
Tour bus service active from 28 March to 3 January. Continuous daily departures from Piazza Italia offer visitors 50-minute tours of the historical ce...
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Golf Club Perugia
The Golf Club is located just 2km from our Relais. The lightly hilly course was redesigned in the early nineties. Rich greenery surrounds the ...
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Scuderia Valmarino
The Scuderia Valmarino stables are located in Taverne di Corciano, a few km from our Relais. These stables are surrounded by green fields and flowerin...
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Città della domenica
The “città della domenica” theme park is located at 2km from our Relais. Since its inception, the park has been well known for its inspiration:...
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Activo Park
Activo Park is the largest theme park in Umbria, dedicated entirely to outdoor activities, ecological excursions and games, to mountain sports and nat...
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Parco Acquarossa
Acquarossa Park is the perfect spot for tourists and families in search of good food and a place to enjoy their free time. This enchanting...
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